The Van Alstyne McDonald’s located on 1001 W. Stephens has received approval to add a second drive-thru lane. This decision was approved by the Van Alstyne City Council during its meeting earlier this month.

Adding a second lane will soon enable two cars to order meals at the same time before merging into a singular lane to pay for and receive the food. Officials say this will allow for space to be used better, with one benefit being the prevention of cars from backing up into the highway in the case of excessive lines.

A representative for the Van Alstyne McDonald’s stated that the restaurant will be closed during the renovations, but the details have not been set yet.

“The council was happy to approve the replat, which also includes a dog park,” Van Alstyne Mayor Larry Cooper said, adding that current plans situate the dog park in the southeast corner of the lot, around the bid sign.

The decision to add the second lane was approved at Van Alstyne’s regularly scheduled city council meeting on April 11, with the item regarding the McDonald’s alteration falling as item seven on the consent agenda.

This item specifies that the site plan was submitted by Clay Moore for the 2.133 acres of plot that the McDonald’s is situated on. This upgrade comes a year after the Sherman McDonald’s on Texoma Parkway also added a second lane.

“Sales do go up, because there is a larger increase in the amount of people who can get through,” Robert Gallardo, whose father owns the McDonald’s in Sherman, said on the implementation of a second drive thru lane

According to review site QSR Magazine, double lanes at fast food restaurants tend to be implemented in order to help staff keep up with customer demands, which will be particularly useful during meal hours. Double lanes are also believed to prevent customers from being discouraged from waiting in line due to being able to place their orders faster.