The Prosper Police Citizen Academy was created in order to both educate Prosper residents, as well as strengthen the bond between the Prosper PD and the community. Through hands-on training and classroom education, officers provide information that aims to increase public safety. Graduates of the program are then eligible to participate in various police support programs, such as the Prosper Citizens On Patrol and the Volunteers In Police Service.

“I’ve lived in Prosper since 2008,” academy attendee Andy Franco said. “I’m doing this because this is my effort to give back to the community and support the police. Also, my neighbor, John Burns, twisted my arm into doing this because he’s already done it and said how great it was.”

As word of the program spreads throughout the Prosper community, more dates have been added to accommodate the increased interest. In addition to the current Thursday evening classes, another the citizen’s police academy has opened registration for Tuesdays. The class will run from Sept. 5 until Nov. 7 and is only enrolling 20 applicants.

“I was excited to come because I want to help the neighborhood,” Prosper resident Pat Sheely said. “In addition, I wanted to support our police officers because nowadays they get hammered for everything and they don’t deserve it. They’re there to serve us. It’s been very informative and the classes have been excellent.”

Sheely’s husband Jim expanded on their reason for attending the academy.

“We’re new to prosper,” Jim Sheely said. “We moved here last year because of our grandkids. This seemed like a good way to get involved in the community and get to know some of our fellow neighbors. We wanted to get involved in some of the community activities.”

For many different reasons, Prosper citizens are using the Prosper Police Citizen Academy to become more involved in their community. The classes help to educate attendees on daily tasks of the police and give a better understanding of how they keep us safe.