Prosper High School UIL student competitors and coaches broke the points record for a second year in a row, scoring a total 718 points and winning the district championship.

In an official statement, PHS Principal Greg Wright said last year they broke the school record scoring 527 points, which sent 34 students to the regional competition. He said the goal for this year was to earn 600 points, which they were able to accomplish by scoring more than 100 points over the set goal.

“Not only did our amazing students and coaches accomplish this, they shattered the record-scoring 718 points, more than any other 5A school in the state of Texas,” Wright said.

He said PHS came away with eight district championships in speech and debate team, journalism team, accounting, calculator applications, computer science, current issues and events, mathematics and number sense.

In addition, they came away with 13 individual district championships in accounting, calculator applications, computer applications, feature writing, headline writing, mathematics, news writing, number sense, Lincoln-Douglas debate, informative speaking, persuasive speaking, poetry interpretation and prose interpretation. He said in comparison to PHS’ 718 points, the second place school scored 232 points.

“We are so proud of all of our students and the commitment that Prosper ISD has made to support these students in their academic competitions,” Wright said.

The team competed this past weekend at regionals.

UIL Academic Coordinator and math team coach Caitlin Kirk said in an email she is proud of how their program is growing with the underclassmen students, instead of heavily relying of graduating seniors who leave big holes to fill.

“This year we have had amazingly dedicated underclassman in addition to our awesome seniors,” Kirk said in her email. “Overall, I’m really proud of how hard our students have worked to reach their goals.”

Kirk said the well-roundedness of the program this year makes her proud as well, because every team had to give their best performance in order to score the 718 points they scored at the district level this year.

“Every team has practiced at least once a week since the third week of school,” she said. “Our students have pushed and challenged each other. They treat their academic teams like a sport, practicing for a big game. Having their eyes on the prize has kept them motivated.”

She said she hopes the students have developed a passion for learning through competing in UIL Academics.

“Our UIL students work hard and are constantly learning and discovering new things to better their scores on competition,” she said. “I hope that same drive to constantly better themselves stays with them so that they leave Prosper High School as well rounded, lifelong learners.”