The Prosper Independent School District board of trustees received an update on the district’s newest elementary schools at its meeting on March 20. Josh Brown with Huckabee architecture firm provided some descriptions and a brief overview of elementary school No. 8 and elementary school No. 9.

“Probably the most important thing I want to show you tonight are the renderings of the facility,” Brown said as he scrolled through a PowerPoint of elementary No. 8 with the board.

This school will be located in the Light Farms district in Celina, where elementary No. 5 is, but will be part of the Prosper school district.

“What we wanted to do was we wanted to make them sister schools,” Brown said to the board. “So you’re going to see that they’re very similar, and the biggest difference is we’ve taken some of the colorization of the product and we’ve almost inverted it.”

He explained that Light Farms Elementary School has a darker brick, whereas the new school will have a lighter brick.

“The tower has the exact same resemblance to Light Farms, but once again we’re using a little bit different color and a little bit different window and metal color so you can see that connection between the two,” Brown said.

He moved on to elementary No. 9, located towards the south side of the district near the Miramonte development. He pointed out that both school designs include a loop at the front of the campuses for student pick up and drop off, as well as a loop around the back for additional traffic needs. Elementary No. 9 will have an additional loop on its south side as well.

“One of the things I want to point out is we always try to fit it (the designs) into the neighborhood,” Brown said. “So we looked at the Miramonte Community Center and tried to play off that particular style to come up with this concept. It would also incorporate some of the clear story window concepts that we did at Windsong (Elementary School) to allow some of that natural light to come into that corridor.”

Board member Jana Thomson spoke up with a question regarding the design of this ninth elementary.

“On school eight, it’s showing two playgrounds and a hard court surface, and on school nine there’s a hard court surface and a playground, which is probably the primary playground, and then there’s not another one that I see on there,” she said.

She added that the second playground would be geared more for the older children at the elementary school.

“We’ll just need to take note of that and make sure we have a location for that,” Brown said. “Once again, we’re trying to fit these campuses on these sites and make sure that we get circulation flow and all of that, but we see that you need an additional playground so we’ll try to figure out a place for that. … We’ll have another playground for sure.”

There were few other questions for Brown, and he wrapped up his presentation with positive affirmations from all the board members. The new schools are scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.