On Monday, Feb. 20, 2017 the Prosper Independent School District school board voted unanimously to approve entering into a contract with Pogue Construction as construction manager at-risk for the construction of PISD’s four new projects. Those projects include a second high school, a ninth elementary school, a stadium and a natatorium.

After putting out a request for quotation advertisement, four construction companies reached out to Prosper ISD, including Lee Lewis Construction and Pogue Construction. After additional cost proposals for personnel and general conditions were requested, the construction committee determined that Pogue Construction’s offer was the best one out of the four competitors by a $1.3 million value.

During the school board meeting, after making his case to the board on why they should pick his company over the competitors, Ben Pogue, president and CEO of Pogue Construction, said he’s grateful for the relationship with their clients, especially Prosper ISD.

“They’ve been an outstanding client, and we strategically hand-picked this team and reserved our absolute best in the entire company for this package,” Pogue said.

With the company selected, the district is looking toward choosing locations for construction.

The school board said it will continue to evaluate possible construction sites for the new buildings, however the board has not yet reached a decision. In an e-mail, Prosper ISD communications specialist Christal Hankey said the projects are scheduled to begin soon.

“Completion is still to be determined on … elementary No. 9 as of this time, but the stadium and natatorium should be ready for the fall of 2019 and high school No. 2 should be ready for opening in fall of 2020,” Hankey said.

Hankey said the new facilities will be able to fulfill the needs of the growing community of Prosper ISD.

In addition, some of the items the school board approved include a new Advanced Floral Design course at Prosper High School for the 2017-2018 school year, the financial/investment reports and tax report for January, 2017, the renewal of the memorandum of understanding for the After-School Care with AlphaBEST for 2017-2020, and the updated vendor list for PISD, which is updated every six months.

The next regular monthly school board meeting is scheduled for March 20.