Editor's note: This article has been edited to include more details about the dealership and additional comments from representatives. 

The Prosper Town Council unanimously ruled in favor of the development of a Ford dealership along U.S. Highway 380 west of Mahard Parkway on Feb. 14 at the town council meeting.

The Prosper Ford dealership will be the company’s first “open point” dealership, a completely new franchise, in the United States in 10 years. Greg Wood, regional manager for Ford Motor Company in the Dallas region, said the company's decision to build an open point in Prosper was because of the area’s exponential growth.

“We know there’s tremendous growth in the area and as we look at our network … it’s vital that we have proximity to support our customer base,” Wood said.

The dealership will feature 487 vehicle displays and additional storage spaces. Ford representatives worked with Greater Texas Land Resources to maximize environmental sustainability. The facility will use LED lighting to improve nighttime visibility and reduce light pollution and will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified.

“We feel that’s an important element of our sustainability effort,” Wood said. “That’s an extra step we’re taking to support the community.”

The appearance of the Prosper Ford will vary from the look of the traditional Ford dealership. Wood said 90 percent of the 3,000 Ford stores in the U.S. feature aluminum composite panels on the majority of the store’s facade. Prosper town staff requested minimal use of the ACM panels, recommending the use of stacked stone instead.

Wood said the ACM panelling is Ford’s trust mark design, “like McDonald's and the golden arches,” but will complete the project with the recommended stone. John Webb, director of development services, said the Prosper facility will be unlike any other dealership in the country.

“The designers were challenged to come up with something that is not anywhere else in the metroplex,” Webb said. “I feel this will be a very new look and not something they have used anywhere else in a facility in the country.”

At this time, the Prosper Ford dealership will not include Lincoln’s luxury vehicles.

“(The Ford representatives) feel that at this time the market was really not supportable of carrying the Lincoln product in there,” Webb said.

Ford would like to begin construction this year and expects to open in 2018, according to the Prosper Development Services Department.