The North Texas region is unlikely to receive wintry precipitation with the arrival of the next major cold front this week, but the National Weather Service expects temperatures will plunge.

“It’s going to turn a lot colder than it has been over the last week or so,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Lamont Bain said Monday.

The cold snap is the result of a front which has moved southward from Canada and over the central plains states. Although weather forecasters last week hinted at the elevated possibility for wintry mix , Bain said an area of high pressure accompanying the cold front will largely negate those chances.

“Earlier we had been discussing the potential for a little wintry precipitation chance, but as of the Monday midnight forecasts, it looks like that potential is incredibly low,” Bain said. “The computer systems that we use show that the system is going to be fairly moisture-starved, so any chance for precipitation is going to be really low.”

Monday precipitation levels throughout the North Texas region were also relatively low, despite the intense storm system that moved through in the early morning hours of the second day of the year. The NWS website shows the Prosper area received between 0.25 inches and 0.50 inches of rain Monday and that disparity was due mostly to the 50 mph pace at which the system moved, Bain said.

“In terms of rainfall, we actually didn’t see a ton across the area,” Bain said. “Because the system was moving pretty quickly, that tends to mitigate the potential for heavy rain.”

North Texas endured wind gusts of roughly 30-40 mph during the storms, but communities further south saw much stronger winds. In Hillsboro, which lies some 60 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, damaging straight-line winds uprooted large trees and even blew semitrailers off of roadways and onto their sides. The storm system stretched as far south as Houston and intense portions of the system led the issuance of a tornado watch for the city of Tyler on Monday morning.

Weather forecasts for the Prosper area indicate much calmer conditions in the week ahead. The cold is expected to intensify on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with highs struggling to break out of the upper 30s and lows dropping to the mid 20s with 10-15 mph winds for most of those days. Weekend temperatures are forecast to then climb back up into the mid and upper 40s.