Stage 1 winter water restrictions for the town of Prosper resumed on Nov. 1 and are scheduled to end March 31, 2017. The new restrictions allow residents to water up to one time per week.

“This is something that happens every fall and winter,” said Water Conservation Education Coordinator Tristan Cisco in a press release. “Plants, shrubs, landscaping and grasses enter a state of reduced water usage during the winter months where the plants focus resources on strengthening their roots.”

Residents who use sprinkler systems to water lawns and plants must follow the watering map and schedule, which designates a certain day each week that a specific area of town can water. The town is split into three sections, with the sections being able to water on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday depending on the area they are zoned. Watering is not permitted between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., according to the town website. Hand watering and home car-washing is allowed on any day.

“Prosper, like most communities in the area, will go into seasonal water conservation measures from now until early spring of next year,” Cisco said in the release. “For our residents, that means watering with automatic sprinklers is allowed only once a week.”

Cisco said she encourages residents to switch their irrigation controller from automatic to manual to further promote water conservation and to avoid overwatering.

“Nevertheless, we are still urging customers to use the manual feature on the irrigation controller,” Cisco said in the release. “Using the manual on-off feature gives the homeowner additional flexibility on whether or not to water.”

The watering schedule is posted on the town website under “Public Works and Water Conservation.”