The Prosper Police Department will be handing out $10 gift cards to stopped vehicles from Dec. 12-16 as part of the Safe Driver Recognition program.

The police department has participated in the Safe Driver Recognition program for six years. Assistant Police Chief Gary McHone said the program allows the police department to commend Prosper drivers for making safe driving choices.

“The Prosper Police Department started this program six years ago, just trying to find a simple way to thank the drivers in their community for doing the right thing,” McHone said.

Police officers will not turn on their patrol lights during the exchange. Officers will approach stopped vehicles on foot and hand the driver the $10 gift card.

“We do not give anybody the sense that they’re being stopped,” McHone said.

In past years, recipients have always been grateful of the gesture of thanks from the police department, McHone said.

“(The reaction has always been) positive, but sometimes shock that we would be willing to take a few minutes and give somebody a gift card to thank them,” McHone said.

Donations are accepted throughout the year to fund this program. Approximately 25 gift cards will be handed out this week.

“It’s definitely not a monetary thing,” McHone said. “All (gift cards are) funded through a donation-based account. It’s definitely not tax dollars funding this program, but it’s just a program of thanks during the Christmas and holiday season.”