Primrose School of Windsong Ranch, Prosper’s second Primrose school, broke ground on construction last week. The childcare facility is expected to open in April 2017.

The Primrose School of Prosper, which opened in August 2011, currently has a waitlist for all classrooms. Primrose School of Prosper owner Mike Casey decided to open a second Primrose school with his wife Benita. He said the opening of a second school will allow him and his wife to better serve the community.

“Five years ago my wife and I decided to get into childcare, and we selected Primrose mainly for education aspects and curriculum offered by Primrose,” Casey said. “We’ve been open for a little over five years serving the west side of Prosper, and we felt like (opening a second school) was a great opportunity for us to expand and serve the children of Prosper on the east side and Windsong Ranch.”

The Primrose schools use the Balanced Learning Curriculum, which combines the child-led style of learning used in Montessori education with the teacher-led traditional style of learning. Assistant Director Calle Hubbell said this combination of learning techniques is what sets Primrose schools apart from other daycare and learning facilities.

“The Primrose philosophy is there’s a lot of importance in what the Montessori philosophy teaches where the child initiates the learning, but we feel to leave out the traditional teacher-led education would be a disservice for the children because a lot of the learning is led by the teacher,” Hubbell said. “Half of (the children’s) day (is teacher-led) because that’s what they’re going to get when they go to the public school, so it won’t be that much of a change.”

Traci Mackintosh, who has been the Primrose School of Prosper director for five years, will continue as the director of the new school, Primrose School of Windsong Ranch, when it opens. Hubbell will take Mackintosh’s place as the director of the Primrose School of Prosper.

“For the continuity of the schools — the same feeling and atmosphere and culture we have here, we want to mirror in the new one,” Hubbell said. “You take the leadership (to the new school) because it sets the tone for the building.”

The Primrose School of Windsong Ranch is currently accepting names to be added to the waitlist. To be added to the waitlist, parents can call the Primrose School of Prosper.