The timeless tale of love and magic are coming to a local stage as the Prosper High School Theater team brings the story of “Cinderella” to life.

Performances of “Cinderella” began on Jan. 19 and will continue through the 28. Casting changes from week one to week two. Week two’s dates include Jan. 26, 27 and 28. The large musical involves the work of hundreds of students from third grade to twelfth grade. Everything from the set, lights, costumes and props were made by students.

The magic of the performance starts before the production even begins. Twinkling lights cascade from the ceiling and shimmering cut outs of glass slippers and crowns line the aisles. The acting, music, and scenery come together to bring the Cinderella story to life in an immersive and joyful display of truly professional theater.

“This is my third play to see here at Prosper and by far the most wonderful one,” Nancy Nelson, a member of the audience, said of the show. “I have an almost 5-year-old granddaughter that absolutely loved it.”

Vice President of the Theater Department Josie Loving discussed what it takes to bring a production of this magnitude together.

“Our tech classes build all of the sets,” she said. “The actors are here until 7 o’clock every night, sometimes 8 or 9 on show week. It takes a lot. Our costumes are made in costume classes.”

She said what motivates her and the other members of the Prosper Theater Department to put in all of this work is the feeling after the show.

“It’s seeing all of your family and friends and showing them your art,” she said.

Some other students voiced why they love being involved in the Prosper High School Theater program.

Haley Stack, chorus member, said that what drew her towards theater was “the environment, the atmosphere, and the people.”

Brittany Wood, who played a village woman, agreed,

“I really like that the entire department is like a family and they just invite you in with open arms,” she said.

Cody Weaver, who played a cloth merchant, was also in agreeanc,e saying that he enjoyed the environment of the theater department as well, a sentiment shared by costumer and running crew member Sawyer Lindemann.

“What drew me to be in the show and theater in general is that I’ve tried a bunch of different things within the fine arts department, and some things were just too restricting because I need a lot of creative freedom,” Lindemann said. “But in theater, there is a lot more creative freedom and I can throw in more of my ideas.”

It was the first production for lead cast member, Isaiah Johnson, who played Lionel. He spoke about what attracted him to try out for the part.

“I really liked Lionel from the beginning,” Johnson said.”It was either Lionel or the Prince that I wanted to be.”

Caedon Herring, member of the props crew and running crew, said what he likes best about theater.

“It has a team environment that is different from other team-driven activities,” Herring said. “You are able to connect with everybody and it’s so tightly knit.”

There is still time to experience this production as it continues to run through next weekend with two shows on Saturday, Jan. 28, as well as it’s 6:30 p.m. shows on the 26 and 27. Tickets are for sale at the box office before the show at the Prosper High School Auditorium.