Every Monday when 2-year-old Lance Rufus hears the garbage truck, he has to stop eating breakfast and run to the alley so he can watch the garbage truck.

“He’s obsessed,” his mother Chantal Rufus said in an email. “After several Monday’s of seeing my son in the alley, our nice garbage man James … got out to talk to him.”

Lance’s favorite garbage man now frequently stops at the house now to say hello. Chantal Rufus said it makes her son’s day to see James the garbage man and his truck.

“He brought my son a city of Plano garbage can piggy bank,” Chantal Rufus said in her email. “He hasn’t put it down all day.”

So for Halloween, Lance got to dress up as his friend James. It was Chantal Rufus’ way of thanking James for taking time out of his day to make a 2-year-old boy happy.