As open floor plans continue to reign supreme atop homebuyers’ wish lists it is becoming essential for sellers to create an open and spacious feeling in their home. For those who lack the budget to begin knocking out walls there is still hope. According to local Realtor Bubba Thompson with Homes By Lainie Real Estate Group allowing light into a home can create a sense of openness.

“It’s important to keep the house bright with blinds open having as much light as possible in all rooms,” Thompson said. “Also make sure your windows are clean so you can see through them. If you have heavy drapes pull them back to open them up and show the windows. If you don’t have a lot of windows to open up make sure you have good bright light bulbs throughout the house.”

Annie Kremer with Ebby Halliday Realtors suggested sellers also minimize furniture to open up space in a home.

“The main thing is to get rid of the most furniture you can,” Kremer said. “Put it into storage and leave out only the basics. You want to have some furniture to stage it but most people have too much and it makes the home look smaller. It’s hard if they’re living there but they should try to have appropriate furniture for the room. It should be in proportion to the room. If the furniture is too big, take it out and put in something temporary like a twin bed instead of a larger bed.”

Personal items, family photos and knickknacks should also be removed from the home. Thompson explains its important for buyers to be able to envision their own family in a home.

“When clients are looking at houses you want them to make it their own,” Thompson said. “The entryway as you enter the home is very important. You want that clean and decluttered because first impressions are essential.”

Kremer agreed, saying personal items including hunting trophies should be removed.

“People are really proud of animal heads and things on their walls but it can really bother certain buyers,” Kremer said. “A good thing to do is to go to other homes that are for sale in the area and see what they look like. A lot of times seeing these things in another house will help.”

Paint is one of the least expensive updates a seller can make to a home before selling. Kremer explained new paint can make a home feel brighter.

“Painting a good neutral color throughout the house is better than having a pink room or purple room because people can relate easier,” Kremer said. “Plus paint just brightens it up and makes it look clean. Old paint makes it look dirty.”