The Anna City Council discussed the possibility of entering into a contract with the public relations firm Municipal Voice at the bimonthly meeting on June 27. Prior to the meeting, the city council had asked the city staff to locate a professional firm that could provide the city with public information, marketing, communication and public relations related to the construction of the municipal facilities. The firm could also help with the rollout and implementation of the newly-designed City of Anna brand identity.

Assistant to the City Manager Jessica Perkins said the city staff visited with Municipal Voice, a full-service, public relations company. Municipal Voice specializes in providing public information, citizen engagement, social media, graphic services, internal communications and all other aspects of communication for the municipal government.

The Anna City Council passed the agenda for the city to hire the firm in a 4-2 vote. Perkins said she is confident the city has chosen the correct company for the job.

“Municipal Voice has demonstrated that they understand our need and that they are knowledgeable, experienced, and well-suited for the task,” Perkins said. “Municipal Voice has many success stories of educating and engaging the pubic to increase community pride and involvement.”

Nathan Bryan, Place 5 councilmember, said he believes the money could be better allocated elsewhere.

“I think the public would like to see better services and more police presence,” Bryan said. “I think they want to see a new police station, and another fire station with employees, and maybe more public works.”

Also during the meeting, City Manager Philip Sanders informed the residents that the City of Anna, along with along with Howe, Melissa and Van Alstyne, was awarded the Regional Cooperation Award.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments established the Regional Cooperation Award in 1996 to recognize local governments that have demonstrated a commitment to the concept of regionalism through certain programs and projects.

Bryan said the award is a big deal for the city.

“The award itself if a positive accomplishment,” Bryan said. “It directly reflects the leadership of our city manager, and the police and fire chief’s ongoing commitment to better serve our community through the mutual cooperation with other local departments.”